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Shop our large collection of home furniture, patio and garden furnishings and accessories and create your own personal style. We have chosen a wide variety of items in styles from contemporary to traditional for your shopping pleasure. Our newest addition is a collection of interior design books.

Whether you are furnishing a new house or simply have a room in need of a facelift, we're confident that Stylin Home  has what you need. For a quick change of décor, try new accent pillows, candles, a console table, a sunburst mirror or wall art.

Whether your decorating goal is to add drama or comfort to your home, Stylin Home  has something for everyone. Enjoy shopping with us!

Mid-Century Modern Furnishings

Mid-Century Modern styling
Shop Mid-Century Modern furniture and decor - chairs, tables, sofas, more

Eclectic Bohemian Decor

Bohemian style
Shop our Bohemian furniture and decor - comforters, chairs, rugs, tables, curtains, more

Classic Black and White Decorating

black and white decor
Shop Black and White Decor - mirrors, chairs, rugs, pillows, ottomans

Add Exotic Chic with Animal Prints

animal prints
Shop Animal Prints - chairs, rugs, pillows, pet beds

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What's your decorating style?

  • Traditional — classic lines, understated
  • Contemporary — modern, hip or retro, simple
  • Country — casual, lived-in look
  • Cottage — shabby chic, vintage, comfortable
  • French Country — rustic, old-world, natural materials
  • Mid-Century Modern — chic, simple, functional, minimalist
  • Southwestern — desert colors, American Indian motifs

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